The Charter of the Canned “ODEN”


 “ODEN” has it's origin in Dengaku a kind of Konnyaku, on Medieval Period in Japan, it is a traditional and favorite food for all Japanese people regardless of age or sex for many centuries, the real family food, combined with varieties of the delicacies obtained from mountain and sea, nutritionally  well balanced foods also. It helps people to communicate each other while enjoying delicious foods within a big hot pot in the middle of the surrounding people. In addition, canned food is a convenient food, because it is easy to conserve and preserve, and enables to eat with anyone, anytime, anywhere. The Canned Oden has both features, so it can offer Japanese traditional food for each individuals who love good foods by easy and inexpensive way. Thus The Canned Oden can contribute to promote and extend the Japanese foods culture and by this, working as the Ambassador of Japanese Foods, deepen mutual understanding of each individuals of the world. The Canned Oden shall activate the industries of canning, agriculture and fisheries which considered as declining industries in Japan by use of related materials. Maintaining “the culture of conditioning soup” and export of this culture to Asian and European countries we expect The Canned Oden be a new international food as Sushi, Sasimi etc. from Japan.
 We hereby declare and establish The Charter Of Canned Oden hoping this magnificent food spread and develop world wide.

Article T : " Respect of Individual"
 The Oden is a Japanese traditional dish and a symbol of the pleasure of happy family due to the style of eating habit, joining all familiar members sharing Oden in a hot pot. However from point of view for "respect of individual", we offer canned Oden to the individual who are living alone, elder, young man and woman too, providing a warm dish which reminds warmth of the happy family or taste of nostalgia of home town, and we respect each individual's preferences based on diversity of the lifestyle. We contribute to provide the happiness of warmth both body and mind through eating the Canned Oden.

Article U : The feature of Canned Oden
 The Canned Oden takes the full advantage of canned foods, soaked in tasty and mellow soup by long and high preservation, so it has a sidelight as“boiled in can” or “cocking in can”. With its easy open can everybody enjoy it anytime and anywhere, therefore its a ultimate “Fast Slow Foods”.

Article V : Three Fundamental principles
 The contents of the Oden varies depending on family custom, regional features or personal tastes, however we declare hereby every Canned Oden should have 3 basic foods “Radish”, “Egg” and “Konnyaku”.
 Radish: a Japanese White Radish is a representative of the grace of mountain products, with low calorie and when you cook more becomes more tasty by immersion.
 Egg: a good supply source of the protein.
 Konnyaku: a popular Japanese gelatinous food made from a rhizome of plant. Non calorie and activate normal intestine activity, suitable diet food.

Article W : Selection of foods and regional characteristics
 The foodstuffs used for The Canned Oden should be a wide and free selection of local special foods or products characteristic of region to maintain local autonomy of savor.

Article X : Contribution to education of eating habit
 The foodstuffs used for The Canned Oden are such as fish paste which are difficult to imagine its fish origin, well cooked and seasoned vegetables, suitable for everybody including a person hates to eat fish and / or vegetable. Providing more variety of the foods and well balanced and healthy foods contribute to educate eating habit amplifying food culture.

Article Y : Environmental Protection
 The can is one of the highest recycle rate industrial products in Japan (86% at this moment). Using this material, Canned Oden shall protect natural life-bases and environment, promoting Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to aim at zero emission society.

Article Z : Function in a Disaster
 The Canned Oden is high preserved foods, therefore very useful in hazard condition, ready to eat at any disastrous situation, get warmer in mind and body after eating, giving energy to survive under severe condition. A secured emergency food.

Article [ : International Cultural Exchange for Taste
 The Canned Oden with excellent long life can transport it every where of the world and share Japanese taste with every individual and nation, exchanging different culture and able to serve as Ambassador of Taste of Japan.

Article \ : World Peace
 We declare The Canned Oden as a symbol of world peace which we can obtain only respecting each other and appreciate different culture and custom, variety of races etc., because of its character, variety of foods of each one harmonizing each other not contradicting, makes better and profound taste but still maintain peculiar savor of each one, contribute to be a wonderful delicious dish.

Note: All rights reserved. You may not distribute this Charter.  In Japanese.